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We develop innovative software solutions for leaders in the global telecom industry. Our expertise includes omnichannel solutions, mobile and web applications, BSS/OSS software solutions, VoIP services, and machine learning algorithms.

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Telecom industry is not just about core communication services. Modern telcos require a whole array of solutions that meet the ever-growing demands of the tech-savvy customers. The list includes mobile applications, web platforms, mobile e-commerce solutions, streaming services, and much more.
Microservices & e-commerce
Software architects at Udcoun build comprehensive systems based on microservices. We also design and develop a wide array of digital solutions for the telecom industry ranging from core network systems and subscriber data management software to e-commerce platforms and P2P payment engines.
Omnichannel solutions
Udcoun engineers accumulated extensive experience with microservices architectures and omnichannel platforms such as Hybris. This know-how allows us to deliver end-to-end digital platforms for telecom companies and MVNOs. Our experts make sure telecom customers get the same seamless user experiences and service across all devices, 24/7.
Cross-platform development
Udcoun engineers are experts when it comes to cross-platform applications for the telecom industry. Our teams have years of experience in delivering digital transformation solutions for web and mobile. We have software engineering experts in all key technologies for back-end infrastructures and unified user interfaces.
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